Our Vision

Building sustainable prosperity for today and tomorrow.

Our vision for Raton’s future is a vibrant community with a prosperous and sustainable economy.  The community has a diverse business mix which includes value-added products, manufacturing, renewable energy, and high technology companies.  Arts, culture, tourism, and a revitalized downtown business district are thriving.  An entrepreneurial spirit and pro-business atmosphere nurtures the expansion of existing businesses and invites new ventures.  Finally, we continue to see quality of life issues as fundamental to preserving our “small town” character, and we always want to be known for our hospitality and graciousness.

Our Mission

Be a catalyst for community and economic development in the Greater Raton Area.

Our role is to facilitate and promote a strong, healthy and sustainable economy in the greater Raton area.  We seek to

  • Attract and expand retail, commercial, and industrial enterprises in order to provide a diverse economy
  • Provide existing businesses and new ventures with resources and information
  • Promote growth through marketing, research and business outreach
  • Support improvements in education and the training of our human resources
  • Motivate and coordinate planning/zoning initiatives to maximize land use and the use of physical resources
  • Promote collaboration between government and business partners
  • Encourage cultural, heritage, recreational, and wildlife tourism in our region
  • Establish and enhance our identity as a welcoming community for retirees
  • Attract new residents and develop healthy community growth