Strategic Plan

During a period of just over a year, sixty-five concerned citizens participated in a lengthy process, facilitated by GrowRaton!, to create an Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) for our community.  The EDSP was finally presented to the City Commission on April 14, 2015 and adopted by a unanimous vote.  The plan sets forth ambitious yet achievable goals in a living document that will guide the City’s economic development through the year 2020. Each goal is supported by a series of initiatives setting forth the actions necessary to achieve those goals.
While GrowRaton! is listed as the initial Champion for a number of initiatives, the primary role of this organization in those cases will be to recruit individuals who will Champion specific initiatives or become resources for those Champions.  It is important to note that the ultimate success of the endeavors outlined in this plan will depend on the degree to which City employees and Raton residents identify with the individual goals and initiatives and are willing to become participants in these efforts.  The extent to which individuals step forward because of their interest and willingness to participate in a given segment of the plan will be the determining factor in how this plan is implemented.
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